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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a promo code for a discount on my order?

We are constantly giving away promo codes on our Instagram account, so don’t miss out. Be sure to follow us @SFYNX_Apparel and check the posts and captions for the latest promo codes.


My Glow in the Dark item Isn’t Glowing. How do I make it glow?

If you purchased an item that is described as Glow in the Dark and you are having trouble getting it to glow, it is important to first understand how it works. SFYNXTM GLOW IN THE DARK INKS must be exposed to light in order to absorb energy and give off a glow. The brighter the light it is exposed to, the brighter and longer it will glow in the dark. A bright light bulb, sunlight, laser, strobe, or a well-lit area, will charge the ink. Try exposing the ink to any one of these light sources for 30-60 seconds, and then take it into a dim or dark place to see the glow effect. For a “SUPER GLOW”, follow the same instructions but expose the ink to a UV or blacklight instead. You will notice the colors will fluoresce. After a good exposure, remove it from the light source and you will see how bright it glows in the dark, in some cases for an hour or more!


Can you wash the shirts? Will it ruin the design or the glow?

Yes! SFYNX products are machine washable. Washing will not damage the design or glow effect. Please refer to “Care Instructions” for proper washing tips to keep your SFYNX gear always looking new.


How do your item sizes run?

Our sizing runs average (Not too big or too small). Please refer to “Size Charts” to get exact measurements for individual garments. Also, please not that the women’s tank tops labeled UNISEX means they can be worn by either men or women, but are sized according to male measurements, so will typically be larger on females.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! (Please note, that the Free Shipping is only within the USA. For all shipments going outside the USA, shipping fees apply.)


Can you design and/ or print custom t-shirts for me?

YES! If you would like to learn more about our Design & Printing Services CLICK HERE!


Still don’t have an answer for your question?

Just “click here” to reach one of our friendly representatives. They will be more than happy to assist you during normal business hours.